About Hanson Decorate your life

Hanson is a manufacturer of high quality acrylic injection products which has inherited last generation of professional, and also has the new generation of innovation.

We provide not only the best quality, competitive price, but also OEM&ODM service to meet our customer's specific requirement on the products.

The market trend of our acrylic products is diversity, except for injection products, our products are not only practial, but also beautiful at the appearance, we use natural flowers and spice, combine with the designer's professional design, replace the traditional fuel and printing.

Replace the traditional fuel and printing, make our acrylic product not only a product for daily use, but also a noble art, so as to adapt the new trend of the market. We also make different designs for different areas and markets, it makes our products can meet the demand of noble customers all over the world.

For potential customers, Hanson's purpose is to supply the best quality of products, service and meet different customers' demand.